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kalahari Resort & waterpark​​
2 Day Tours 
​$238 / $188 

第一天从纽约出发巴士前往卡拉哈里内水上乐园,这个度假村是全美第一个以非洲为主题的度假酒店,也是当地最大的室内水上乐园,有着30,000平方英尺的家庭娱乐中心 室内的漂流河,冲浪池 海浪池 各式各样的水上滑梯,温泉池等等各种好玩的水上娱乐项目

The first day departs from New York to the Kalahari Waterpark, which is the first African-themed resort hotel in the United States and the largest indoor water park in the region, with a 30,000-square-foot indoor recreation center, Surf pool pond pool of all kinds of water slides, hot spring pool and so on a variety of fun water entertainment
第二天 第二天前往附近一个神秘有古老的度假别墅山庄,这里拥有游泳池高尔夫球场滑雪场同时客人也可以在那享受磐石,卡丁车, 滑冰 保龄球等刺激好玩的娱乐节目 在娱乐的同时也别忘记享受一下这里美好的风景 享受一个免费的丰盛午餐

The next day the next day to go to a nearby mysterious old resort Villa- Villa Roma, where there is a swimming pool golf course ski resort while guests can enjoy rock, karting, skating bowling and other exciting entertainment programs in the entertainment while also do not forget Enjoy the beautiful scenery here and enjoy a free lunch

 New York City

New York City Landmark - Empire State Building Looking at the viewing platform, enjoy the Central Park and New York panorama. Take a sightseeing roundabout cruise to visit the Hudson River, take pictures of the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge . Boarded the cost of $ 120 million to renovate the open national historical relics - Daomao Aircraft carrier , and visit the Concorde supersonic aircraft and various fighters. Walking World Finance, the securities trading center of Wall Street, with the Trinity Church, symbol of the bull market of the Bronze Sculpture and the New York Stock Exchange . Through the Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, United Nations Headquarters, World Trade Center 
If time permits, we will add the Metropolitan Museum , Times Square , Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

纽约市地标-帝国大厦瞭望观景台,欣赏中央公园和纽约全景。乘坐观光环岛游轮游览哈德逊河,与自由女神像和布鲁克林桥摄影留念。登上花费1.2亿美元重 新整修开放的国家历史文物-大无畏号航空母舰,并参观协和号超音速客机和各种战机。漫步世界金融、证券交易中心华尔街,三一教堂,象征牛市的铜牛雕塑和纽约股票交易所。参观大都会博物馆,时代广场,杜莎夫人蜡像馆与总统奥巴马等名人合影。途经第五大道,洛克菲勒中心,联合国总部,世贸遗址…… 

Flight + 4 Night    $499/Person
​​Availability: Now- May 5 2017


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Washington Cherry Blossom Festival 华盛顿樱花节 
2 Day Bus Tour (Mon, Wed, Sat)
Adult: $115   Child $95

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